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Leading Edge Logistics Service for Your Needs

When it comes to business, connected to your partners make you even more efficient. Yes, Communication is the key element of being efficient today. Over the past decades, countless Logistics Servicecustomers benefited their business with Movers Penang service and solutions. We help all our clients to move their good with our extremely efficient transport management system.

Control Rising Distribution

Our logistic services save distribution time and costs for our clients while they help us to improve our reliability. To improve ourselves from time to time, we invest on technology and its driven solutions, which lets us leverage aggregate volumes for better visibility, competitive transportation rates and elevated service.

Movers Penang realize companies are racing to adapt to the Omni channel marketplace and therefore we deliver Omni channel solutions to meet their needs. For this, we continuously improve our speed, scalability and Logistics Service. We blend the long-standing service with new capabilities as we find creative ways to help our clients to get their product wherever it needs to be.

We always try to look for new ways to expand our role for being an Omni channel distribution provider. This is what drives us to look for new ways to support our customers and welcome the opportunity to grow in upcoming years

Experience Integrated Logistics

At Movers Penang, we provide for delivering the comprehensive logistic solution. Apart from our versatile warehousing and transportation capabilities, we provide value added service with cross docking and much more. We leverage all these aspects for a custom single source solution so our clients can streamline operations and accommodate their business fluctuations, all while they control the supply chain costs.

Providing Independent Service

We not only offer you the leading edge Logistics Service, but we offer you the chance to let someone else, someone experience and well connected take care of your contracting and managing within the supply chain. We support the internal team in sourcing and procurement of services under dialect of control. The approach to logistics services contracts and management. This includes the following:

  • Independent Neutral Transportation and logistics service were we source services from partners to Maximum performance and efficiently for outsourced supple chain
  • Services sources and procured based on solution specifications provided by supply chain solution
  • Ownership and management of performance of logistics, transportation and other value added services contracts for customers, which use fact, based performance tools.
  • Financial audit and settlement of involves from all supply chain service providers

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    Pulau Pinang


    NO 21 Lrg Taman Merak,
    14100 Simpang Ampat,
    Pulau Pinang.




    No 40 Jalan Katung 28/11
    Taman Alam Megah,
    40000 Shah Alam Selangor,

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