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Lorry Transprot Form Penang to KL

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Lorry Transport From Penang to KL Service You can Trust

Movers Penang offers you the most convenient Lorry Transport from Penang to KLservice. Yes, we are providing you with pickup, delivery and domestic door-to-door service. Since our establishment, we expanded our root into trucking specialist for taking on specialized cargo and other such requirements. We also offer interstate bonded and onto bonded trucking along with transportation and related service.


We operate our head office in Penang but we also have branches in other cities. Our fleet ply the route between Penang to Kuala Lumpur in shortest time and safest way possible. As we ensure our reliability, we make sure our fleet is equipped with the best in telecommunication and GPS gear.


Kuala Lumpur

This is the capital city of Malaysia and it is a hot spot for tourists, every year countless tourist come to visit this place. This brings in some business and speaking of which, if you are looking for moving or logistic services between the cities of Penang and Kuala Lumpur, you need special care. Besides the Penang and Kuala Lumpur remains one the most visited cities of tourists, this also makes them perfect for businesses.



It remains our utmost priority to work with our customers to maximize the quality of our service. We help our clients to increase their sales and revenue as we offer them the best service available. We engage ourselves as transport because we make sure our customer receive their order quite the next day in exceptional condition. We provide for everything for lorry transport services for commercial and industrial goods with our Lorry Transport From Penang to KLservice.

Fast and easy lorry service

Movers Penang is a fast and easy lorry service, which provides you with top of the line services. To improve your experience with us, we try to provide you with an instant quotation for your needs. Remember our prices are fixed and transparent; yes what you see is what you pay.



For the convenience of our clients, we have collaborated with reputed and experienced vendors to make sure that your goods are transported safe and securely to the destined location with our Lorry Transport From Penang to KL.

Safety and Security

We are obsessed with delivering the goods of our customers safe and secure. To make sure of that, we take extreme measures for protection. This includes a thorough background check of our drivers to make and staff to make sure your things are safe.

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