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Lorry Transport from kl to penang

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We offer the Lorry Transport from kl to penang
Give us a call right now at: +60195486431

There comes a moment in life when we have to take some hard decisions. The biggest one is when we need to relocate to a different home or state. It could be due to the education or financial prospects that we are acquiring in the new place.

Nevertheless, moving to a new place is not an easy task. From furniture to a spoon you must make sure that everything is moved beautifully and only the Moving services in kl to penang could help you in this task.

Move to your dream place
More often than not moving services are pricey and so you can’t afford the nonstop moving in kl to penang. Knowing the problems of the people that they have to cope with while moving we’ve developed the best moving into a new home company in kl to penang.

We are providing our clients with the most dependable and cheap house moving services in kl to penang. All you need to do is inform us the place. Our experts will deal with all the jobs and we’ll make sure that all of your products and furniture will safely reach the new location and also we will guard the floors of your new and old place from any kind of scuff marks.

We’ve been providing the Moving services in kl to penang for quite some time and know how to deal with the nonstop moving in kl to penang. We’ve got different packages concerning the cheap house moving services in kl to penang. With our moving into a new home company in kl to penang you could loosen up and just enter your new home.



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Sila submit borang sebut harga percuma secara pantas, saya akan memberikan harga yang terbaik dan murah untuk anda!


Pulau Pinang


NO 21 Lrg Taman Merak,
14100 Simpang Ampat,
Pulau Pinang.




No 40 Jalan Katung 28/11
Taman Alam Megah,
40000 Shah Alam Selangor,

Mazlan Movers

Mazlan Movers  merupkan sebuah perkhidmatan lori sewa angkut barang, pindah rumah office dan kilang.


Kami memberikan harga lori sewa yang murah dan service yang berpatutan pada pelanggang kami, Allamdulilah syarikat kami mampu bertahan sehingga hari ini dan akan terus membantu pelanggang kami dengan servis-servis terbaru.


Lori sewa ke seluruh semenanjung yang berpangkalan/base di shah alam dan kuantan, sila hubungi kami di wassap atau terus call di talian tertera di website.